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Rice Porridge for Breakfast

At home Acupuncture Cremorne recommends rice porridge or congee for breakfast. It helps warm the stomach and enhances the metabolism first thing in the morning. The mornings can get cold around Cremorne and Sydney's North Shore. Getting regular acupuncture treatments by a local Cremorne Acupuncturist can benefit your health. As an addition to their treatment I often ask my Acupuncture Patients to eat rice porridge.

Here is a basic recipe for Congee (Rice Porridge)

Use a slow cooker overnight

put 2/3 cup of white rice (or brown)

1/3 cup of sweet rice (see image below)

fill with water about 10 cups or 3/4 full of low cooker

put into bowl in morning with some soy sauce

Other ingredients can be added just before eating these include...

fried egg

sesame oil and seeds

spring onions


shredded chicken

fired onion and ginger.

Rice porridge is easy to digest. It gives also lot of nutrients to the body. I feel so good after eating a bowl of rice porridge.

During covid time in Cremorne Sydney my family having been eating this dish most days per week. We know now that digestive health and immunity are connected.

We enjoy a warm bowl of rice porridge and go for a walk around Cremorne parks and resevres. We enjoy the sunshine and crisp autmun air.

For more information please or to book an acupuncture appointment go to

or phone 0450790038

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