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Insights during difficult time

Based in Cremorne, Sydney I offer a mobile acupuncture service for patients with advanced heath conditions. 

On a personal note, It’s been 4 weeks with the girls staying at home from school. Lately, I have been noticing the endless amounts of abundance we have in my family. 

Having said that, the first two weeks were brutal. I applied a few mental strategies in the beginning that has helped me cope. Taking it slow, one-day-at-a-time. I ditched the school work for 2 weeks and focused on having a relaxed and flexible schedule. I was attentive to the emotional dynamic of the family, not the academic stuff.

In 2007 I spent two months meditating in a Sri Lankan Buddhist Monastery. Everyday a senior Buddhist Nun instructed me on how to carefully watch the mind and they way it worked. I meditated and contemplated for 12 hours or more each day. The skills I developed at that monastery and later during the years of meditation practice have definitely come to the fore during this time.

I contemplated the difficulties of having to spend so many hours with my kids. I knew I needed to be very attentive and mindful of the difficult thoughts and feelings that would come up. I needed more patience and loving kindness towards my girls.

I made a choice to be careful and do all the right things with extra hygiene and social distancing. I also made a choice NOT to be afraid of the situation and act out of fear. I believe that was a important conscious decision that has been a positive and calming influence for my family, patients and community.

The world has so much fear and panic right now and I am proud to see how happy and safe my daughters feel under my leadership. It validates me as a competent and good Father. A few months ago I was in a deep grieving process. I felt depressed and thought I wasn’t any good as Dad. I couldn't see the value and positive influence I have on my daughters lives. Now, thankfully, everything looks totally different from that perspective.

If anyone is out of work at the moment and needing treatment I am offering 50% off mobile acupuncture treatments in North Shore Sydney. In home acupuncture or home visit acupuncture appointments are available. Call or text on 0450 790 038.

See for more info on my home page.

Thanks for reading !!!

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