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Professional Background


Anthony graduated from the University of Technology Sydney in 2007. He completed a Bachelor's in Health Science: Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM.

17+ Years of Clinical Experience

Based in Cremorne Sydney, he founded the only home visit acupuncture service on the Lower North Shore in Sydney.


Anthony is a passionately dedicated, highly skilled, and experienced acupuncturist. Inspired by the ancient medical system, Anthony has traveled to China and Korea for 18 months.

During this time he undertook advanced clinical internships in public and private hospitals. He worked alongside skilled and experienced TCM doctors.

This unique clinical and cultural experience is the foundation for Anthony's authentic style and intelligent approaches to his acupuncture treatments.​

Anthony offers his experience to patients with a variety of conditons

Areas for Acupuncture services are within the North Shore and Northern Beaches, include​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Mosman

  • Manly

  • Cremorne

  • Neutral Bay

  • Seaforth

  • Farilight

  • North Sydney

  • Chatswood

  • Crows Nest

  • St Leonards

  • Artarmon

Consideration is also given to patients outside of the Lower North Shore. 

​Please call for a free 15-minute consultation to see how Anthony can help you now.

Ph: 0450 790 038​​​​

  • patients being treated for cancer.

  • struggling with chronic illnesses.

  • suffering acute or chronic pain conditions.

  • during or after pregnancy.

  • patients with limited mobility or accessibility.

  • requiring health maintenance and balancing treatments​

Benefits of home-based acupuncture treatments...


  • focuses on drug-free pain relief.

  • assists in the maintenance of general well-being.

  • receive treatments around your lifestyle. 

  • save your precious time and energy traveling to and from appointments.

  • treated in the most comfortable setting: your own home!

Most recently, In 2019 Anthony completed advanced Post Graduate Training in Oncology Acupuncture at the Mater Private Hospital Sydney.

A personal story

Dear Reader,

My professional acupuncture and TCM practice, which had been developed over a decade in my private practice, integrated medicine clinics in Sydney and Brisbane, and through overseas internships, took a dramatic turn towards oncology support in 2017 when my wife was diagnosed with brain cancer.


The need to support my wife led me to research and contact other Chinese medicine practitioners to find out the best ways I could support her through radiation and chemotherapy treatments. I administered daily herbal and acupuncture medicine and learned techniques that could best help alleviate the severe effects of standard oncology medicine.


I have adopted simple, caring, and effective communication styles with patients to explain how acupuncture and TCM can help. I want to bring this approach to oncology support as these patients are already vulnerable, thus raising the need for sensitive communication about how and why acupuncture can assist them. 


I currently offer a house-call acupuncture service. This service is particularly suited to oncology patients who often cannot leave the house and are making frequent trips to the hospital and other doctors, which can be exhausting and stressful.


I see this as an essential community service, making acupuncture treatments accessible to those who are otherwise incapacitated or unable to access the benefits of acupuncture and associated medicine. 


Indeed, my business model aims to, one day, move into mainstream healthcare, such as inpatient/outpatient services.

My passion for this comes from authentic personal experience. It informs my motivation to use my continuing professional education; Oncology Acupuncture Postgraduate study at the Mater RNSH to deepen my research and education in oncology support through TCM.


I believe I have the clarity and fortitude for this work as my life has given me cause for deep reflection; spiritual growth is my constant endeavor. I supported my wife through two years of medical interventions, aggressive treatments, hospitalizations, surgery, emotional suffering, trauma, and sadly, death.

I hope to bring this support to others who may need it.


Thank you for reading.



Yours Truly,


Dr. Anthony Keating T.C.M 

Registered Acupuncturist. 

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